Mahesh Fabrinox offers a wide range of services to cater to our distinguished clientele. Our in-house processing unit differentiates our products as we are able to offer the best quality material and prompt deliveries. Our in-house processing capacities also enable us to deliver tailor-made products to customers who are looking for specific solutions for their businesses. We offer 3 distinctive service formats:
Stainless Steel Slitting

Our company provides stainless steel slitting to businesses all over the country. It involves a procedure of slitting the master coil into narrower pieces. The coils are cut from wide ones to a tapered width.

Automatic Cut-to-Length

The cut-to-length equipment helps us straighten, uncoil, stack sheets, and cut to length. Mahesh Fabrinox processes these metal coil rolls procured from the metal mills in this way.

No.4/Hairline Grinding and Polishing Machine

Our sheet to sheet No. 4 Hairline Grinding and Polishing machines are used to grind or polish the stainless steel coils or sheets. We ensure accuracy and lustrous shine is achieved in the end product.